Play It For Good DG Charity Tournament

This backgammon tournament is played at DailyGammon and consists of several Round-Robin (RR) Groupings.  

  • Contributors can impact the causes that are chosen.
  • No donation is necessary, but for gifts and prizes, a donation is required. 
  • Tournament results determine how proceeds are divided amongst the causes. 
  • We thank Jordan and Mom (from DailyGammon) who support our tournament and wrote, "Hey Carlton, Thanks for thinking of us, but ... I'm sure your good causes could use more, so please contribute to them."
  • Play It For Good is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit.

Each RR grouping represents a cause, as determined by donations.  

Players will be placed in the type of charity group they prefer.

All matches are 5-points matches with "Twice-a-Day" time control.

When making a donation, please indicate the category of cause you prefer, your DG call-name
(and if you like, a particular cause within the category), such as:
  • Health Care / Research (for example, Doctors Without Borders)
  • Environment / Local Causes
  • Arts & Music / Cultural Exchange 
  • Animal Welfare 
The winners of each group then play in a RR to determine the split of the proceeds.  

Link to Tournament Rules (google sheet):

Tournament is organized at DGat.  "Invite Links" at:

Thank you,
- moorg and JuliaH
Tournament Directors

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